Mondays, Blah.

I have such a horrible case of the mondays. It doesn't help that my husband is home either. I don't know about you, but I have a terrible time getting motivated to clean house when my husband is home. When we were first married he would follow behind me correcting everything I did or pointing out how it could be improved. Eventually I got so angry I threw the broom at him and left the house. When I returned, I told him as nicely as I could (and by that I mean yelling at the top of my lungs) that if he was not satisfied with my cleaning, he was more than welcome to do it himself. That stopped that nonsense quickly but either way here we are ten years later and the habit is formed. If B is home, I'm not cleaning willingly (you know, because I'm so joyful about it the rest of the time).

In addition to my procrastination regarding housework, I *should* have had three more meals by now and have already hammered out my depletion workout, and done up the passport applications. You see, I'm certifiably insane. I've chosen to train for my next figure competition (in other words diet and train hard for twelve weeks so I can paint myself dayglo orange and parade around in a sparkly bathing suit and lucite stripper heels so my body can be judged. Told you I was nuts) all while B is prepping for a TDY and we are ALL prepping for an OCONUS move.  I'm certain it's mainly been the stress the past few weeks but today when I didn't feel motivated I gave into it. Not that B can complain much, he's been playing darksiders all day long.

Instead I downloaded the new beta for photoshop CS6 and updated my blog look (notice the crisp new design.) and played with my Jack Russel Terrier puppy Trouble all day. It's been a welcome break. I did do some laundry so I guess I haven't been entirely lazy, and I have my favorite lazy day food in the crock pot (Beef Pot Roast) but still. Now the guilt is creeping in.  All of those things I should have accomplished and didn't. An entire day wasted. Well not an entire day, it's only 17:30 after all. Guess I ought to throw down some food and hit the gym anyway. It's a depletion day and I've got to earn those refeeds.  I'll make sure to log back in tomorrow and explain a little bit about my carb cycling and how it works for me. In the meantime, hope everyone has an amazing  (and far more productive than mine) day!



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