Cleaning the fridge

I hate cleaning the fridge. It's up there next to laundry as least favorite chore.  I don't mind the oven so much as it has a self cleaning cycle (if only the entire house did. *sigh*), but the fridge? gah.  Somebody is always spilling something and then setting other stuff on top of it so it winds up drying.  It took me thirty minutes to scrape cardboard from my husbands beer carton off the bottom shelf.   I have a tendency to pretend I can't see the mess and ignore it until I absolutely HAVE to handle it.

   Imagine my disappointment when I saw that the day 2 Martha challenge was to clean out my fridge and freezer.  Lessons learned: 1.  Don't use soap.  I followed directions and used baking soda and hot water to clean it out and to my surprise, it worked!   I  don't know why I continue to be amazed that you can clean with things like Baking Soda and Vinegar instead of modern cleaning supplies.  Especially considering my firm belief that houses were cleaner "back in the day" and that everyone but me was born with an innate knowledge of how to do it.   2.  You would be shocked at what you'll find in you freezer if you don't clean it out frequently.  I found protein bars I made a year ago that didn't work out.   3. Make your children wash their hands before they get ice. Nothing says gross like finding dirt in your ice maker tray. ew.  ew. ew. ew. ew. ew.  They'll be lucky if I don't sterilize them when they walk in the door.

Today's Mary Challenge involves inviting people over and telling them to put their feet up. That's not gonna happen. I don't like people in my house.  Not because it's messy. Even when it's spotless I just don't like people in my house.  When friends visit, my closest friends sense this about me and we gravitate outside on my front porch where I have a nice outdoor furniture set with flowers and such.  I know that's comfortable since everyone, even neighborhood kids I don't know gravitate towards it as well. :)  Challenge not accepted today. Sorry Mary, but it's not gonna happen.

Today's Martha challenge is to clean my oven and my microwave. Except i did that yesterday. Guess that means Today's Martha challenge is to go take a bubble bath. Challenge Accepted!! :D



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