How To: Repair a blocked pump in a GE Top Loading Washing Machine

So today was a fun day. My washing machine just wasn't draining! I have a GE Top Loading washing machine and nothing I did was making this sucker drain. So I decided to make sure the pump was working. So if you are ever in this situation, here's what you need.

1. A bolt remover set.
2. And probably a pair of pliers.
3. Lots of towels to sop up the water
4. whole lot of confidence in yourself.

First thing you should do is unplug your machine and remove the hoses ((after turning off the water!)). Then you remove the top panel. The one with the knobs on it. My machine required a star shaped allen wrench. I don't know what it's Luckily it was one of the bits included in my craftsman electric screwdriver set. When you remove this be careful not to yank it off, there are wires connected and these are important. Encased in here you should find a sheet of paper tucked in describing how to dismantle your machine for maintenance purposes.

If it didn't have that sheet of paper, this is basically what you do to remove the front wall of your machine. Aligned with the edges of the lid of your machine are two spring loaded tabs. Take a putty knife or a butter knife and slide this in the seam of the machine at those two points. Press to release the tabs. Repeat on the other side. Then pull out just a little, and up to relase from your machine. You should see the inside the machine now. Use your flashlight to locate the drainage tube. Mine was black and hard to miss as it ran from the tub to a pump on the lower left side. Congrats on locating the pump!!

Your next step is to use your pliers to clamp down on the spring collar securing your hose to the pump. this will allow you to remove the hose from the pump and check for obstructions. This is exactly where mine was. A purex 3 in one sheet was the culprit, blocking the entire hose. If there is no obstruction, your pump might need replacing. I suggest calling a repairman.

Reconnect everything, operating in reverse, making sure that all the wires in the front panel are still connected tightly, reconnect hoses, etc and give it a go!

Look at that! You are a certified obstruction remover and a super home maker. I told you you can do it!



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