Easy Thanksgiving Placemats

This is something my kids love to do every year and helps with the decor and cleanup too!

1. I buy fat quarters of season fabric or scrapbook paper that coordinates with the table cards and such and a roll of clear contact paper.

2. The kids glue colorful leaves that they've gathered and any other little tidbits they want ((Like my DD with her glitter and rickrack)).

3. I cut the contact sheets to the size I want ((Generally 1/2 inch larger than the art projects we've made)), 2 sheets per placemat. Put the contact sheets on either side of the artwork, sticky sides in and smooth it out with a squeegee or a credit card.

4. Use sharp scissors to round out the edges or even scallop them if you are feeling fancy ((DD loves using my shaped scrapbooking scissors to do the edges)) and voila! You have thanksgiving placemats.

This also works with any other placemats you want to make. Seasonal, or even just your kids artwork that they are proud of.



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