Im a big baby

At least I'm a big baby when I'm sick. For those who dont follow me on facebook, I have the shingles. A rather awful thing to have honestly. My husband was already taking leave thank goodness so he has been taking care of me and the family. Thank goodness i just finished revamping my household 6 sop Including recipes! I love my husband dearly but the body cannot recover on top ramen alone! Ehat is it about soldiers that make them think top ramen is a cure all soup? Needless to say i am going crazy! Ige already watched the entire series of firefly, the serenity movie, the girl with the dragon tattoo and a rather amazing variety of trash television. Ive got an interesting cariety of books as well. Planning different craft projects, playing some diablo iii betas, in other words going nuts confined to my couch. I think tomorrow I will write another chapter of my novel for my wonder twin and pray some more for the pain to stop. This has given me the idea to put together some kits for my own amusement for this trip considering ipl again be confined to a small space for long periods of time. I just need to come up with some ideas. Especially since they have to be portable. Maybe socks. Knitting socks confounds me! Must be time to try the single needle magic loop method. What do you do when you are sick and couchbound? Do you watch trash tv or read or sew? I have at least another week of this so please ladies! Suggestions are welcome!


Izzy April 17, 2012 at 9:43 PM  

Sudoku, reading magazines like Real Simple, I also knit and crochet, watch old movies and cartoons, or play Trvial Pursuit with just the cards (That is also a great time killer for road trips!)


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