The Great Flea War

You read that right. Your very own Homefront Honey is engaged in a battle of her own. WW3 to be exact. It’s me vs. the fleas. And until today, the fleas were winning. We quickly progressed from one or two fleas on my beloved terrier, to a full on civilization. I’m pretty sure it’s their military force and colonozation department that have been giving me the most trouble. Flea baths were Funny enough, my cat doesn’t have any. I guess she just looks mean because they leave her alone entirely.

Today I commensed Operation Kill them All. First off was a direct assualt. A Flea Dip. Apparently this pissed the fleas off so badly that my puppy was laying on the floor twitching and spinning on his side like those cartoons. Okay, so maybe it was hilarious, but still. I followed this up with a flea collar to keep them under control some more. I’m on a limited budget at the moment so K9 Advantix or frontline isn’t in the budget, and the Hartz version isn’t worth squat. Then I began the direct assualt. I treated the carpets and the furniture with a spray guaranteed to kill the little buggers. Now my house reeks of that heavy floral scent they throw in there to mask the smell of death, but hopefully, the fleas are dead now. I’m sure whatever survivors there are of my chemical warfare will scream whenever they smell potpourri and flee my house immediately. Of course, there’s no way to tell if the fleas are in full retreat, or just regrouping for an even bigger assualt. Only time will tell.



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